3 reasons why you don’t want to meet him half-way

Dating / January 28, 2014

Yes, we do live in modern times. But I still tell you that you definitely want him to come to pick you up or at least come your way. So why does he need to come and pick you up? Many girls are asking me this question. They say:

I live up town, he lives downtown, he asked me to meet him somewhere in middle, is that okay?

 Three reason why he is the one who needs to come pick you up. Or at least – come your way, especially if you don’t want him to know at that point where do you live.

So why aren’t you supposed to date guys who will offer you to meet you somewhere in the middle? What is so wrong with that? Let’s suppose you first met in a coffee place, at a bar, or even in a dating site, he calls to schedule your first one-on-one date with him and after a small chitchat about age, occupation, place of work etc.’, he suggests you should meet.

You’re interested. You agree to meet. the date is almost set and then he toss at you this little line saying…

Bad Date

Well, these days it feels like an epidemic. You have to admit there’s no girls you know who hasn’t heard her a guy suggesting things like: “let’s meet at the corner so you take the subway and get out at Main street and then take a cab to the circle… there’s a great coffee shop there I’ll meet you there…” or maybe you heard a guy says: “you see, I don’t have a car, can you come pick me up?..”

And what about the “geographical method”? maybe you got thos one: “I live in the city, it only makes sense to hang out here…” I do agree these are great and very convincing arguments. Yes, it all makes great sense and maybe you don’t really see the problem yourself.

So, now, let me give you three very important and clear reasons why you need to say ‘NO’.

Here is the first reason –

you don’t want him to treat you like a friend of his, a co-worker or just some guy he hangs out with. if you meet him in the middle of the way or you coming into his direction you create a feeling of a business meeting. well it’s a good thing he didn’t have his secretary to schedule the meeting with your secretary.

Second reason it is very ungentlemanly to tell a girl “come pick me up” or “meet me at the corner and we’ll go from there…” that’s a plain and simple senseless ungraceful or romantic way of doing things.

Let me point for you another thing about this matter –

A man that does so in the beginning of a relationship does not know how to behave with a minimum of shivery with a woman, so I can tell you with most certainly wouldn’t know how to do it down the road when the relationship evolves.

Third reason is actually the worst –  you are not his WoW

What do I mean by that? Well that means you’re not the special one for him. you need to believe me. Ask one of your friends. Ask them – “ what would you have done if he met the woman of your life and you don’t have a car? Whould you take care of that or ask her to come pick you up?”


You might be surprised, but when the guy is very much into the girl, he always finds a car. He always finds parking, he never ask the girl to come his way (regardless of where she lives).
he just makes it all WORK OUT FINE. And this is simply because she is his WOW.

Do you get that?

he will find solutions.

he does not take risks in suggesting something un shivery. He wants the perfect evening with you he wants you to feel like a princess.

So he WILL behave like a manly man.

Now you are probably thinking – won’t that turn it into an argument? If I say NO to his offers to meet somewhere etc’?

How do you say No without sounding like a bitch?

How do you transfer the right message without making him feel bad for suggesting the wrong ideas?

I mean let’s be honest there probably dozens girls or even more, that he had dated before you, that let him feel that it does OK to do so.

True feminine wisdom is there for you to use any time any day whenever you decide

What matters is your way to say things that is soft, pleasant but yes firm at the same time. Men respect that.

it is in you in your nature. It also brings out the power of your femininity. If it is important for you to learn how to communicate in a better way, exciting way, in a more feminine way with men… if it is important to you to learn the principle of attraction and the communication between men and women, if you’re interested how to find the right guy for you then I advise you to take the next step now and register to my mailing list.

love Sharon

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This is the perfect blog for anybody who wants to find out about this topic. You know so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic that has been discussed for ages. Wonderful stuff, just great!

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I enjoy reading your articles

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You are the master

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