3 Amazon Women Behaviors That Repel Men

Dating / first dates / Relationships / Sex / January 5, 2015

3 Amazon Women Behaviors That Repel Men / Sharon Rubinstein

I would like to talk to you today about three Amazon women behaviors
that do not attract men and actually happen to kill any potential good relationship
at the start of something that could be full of passion if done differently.

You might have experienced this more than once and you certainly don’t want
to repeat bad habits. So how do you stop yourself from destroying a potential
good relationship during the first few weeks of dating?

It starts off promising!

Often times, women begin a relationship with a man which starts off promising.
Fun dating, a charming guy, communication between you flows and you think the
relationship grows stronger… So what happened?
Why do women feel, after a short time of dating, that the guy hasn’t become closer
and drifting away from them instead?
In my books, and in my different courses,
I explain the various reasons for that.
Today I will tell you about three typical Amazon women’s behaviors those men encounters,
which are all highly repealing actions when starting a relationship.

The “I will do more for you” behavior (in short – IWDM)

The IWDM amazon might be a charming beautiful lady, but not long after she meets a man
that she likes, she tries to make the relation stronger by acting in a very certain way.
She is the one who will cook for him simply because he mentioned he was hungry.
She is the one who knows who to call in order to set the right job interviews he said he needs…
She is the one who offers to pick up a report he forgot at the office
just because “she happens to be in the neighborhood”… so, not a big deal…right?
But what IS the big deal really?
The problem is that the IWDM amazon isn’t just unattractive to the man she is with
when doing so, but might also repels him, but WHY?

Here is why – men recognize the IWDM behavior very fast simply because this is what they do.
Yes, this is one of the most common ways that men behave when they court a woman.

They “invest” in her

They show her “they can do more than other men do for her”, and this is exactly the problem.
Men don’t want a woman courting him like a man! Yes, sure he might want a woman that
will tend to his needs, but not that fast and not at this stage of the relationship.
When a woman acts this way, it makes his ego feel good. He enjoys it.
But no, it will not make him feel an emotional attraction to her.
Will it make him want to sleep with her?
Maybe. But it will be just because of sexual attraction, nothing more.
As part of learning the Princess method of being a feminine woman that is able to
make a man crazy for her, I recommend women do NOT ‘woo’ men. It just does not work.

Let’s talk about another Amazon unattractive behavior at the beginning of a relationship,

The P.R Amazon

The P.R Amazon meets a man she likes iStock_000014380587XSmall-paidand immediately she “sits down to work.”
What does this mean? It means she begins to sell herself from day one.
She tells him how great she is, how well she cooks, how she won the county dance competition,
how good her social life is, how wise she is, and how a relationship with her will pay off …
In short, she does great public relations for herself!

But wait…

How much are we really attracted to people who ‘sell’ themselves to us? We’re not, right?
After all, if they are so great, why don’t they let us discover that for ourselves?
This Amazonian behavior in a woman when she tries to market herself to a man is unattractive
and rejects him.

The seductive amazon…

Most women like the idea of seduction; they use it as a tool to capture a man.
“I will seduce him so he will be attracted to me and won’t leave me.”
These women use some form of sex very soon at the beginning of a relationship to create attraction.
This could be in the way they dress, the looks she gives him, or actually having physical or sex.
Whether you are just demonstrating a sexual appearance like gazing at him with sexy eyes…
even without actually having sex with him, or whether you actually get into bed with him,
in both cases a man feels like you’re trying too hard..

Don’t wave the ’dessert’ at him WAY before the first dish was even served

If you find that you have behaved these ways in the past, you are, probably,
like many other amazing, wonderful and many times –successful women, a little bit
of an Amazon woman yourself.
I invite you to join me to the world of the Princess Method,
to get to know your feminine side and become a woman that can draw amazing quality men into her life.
This woman can create a wonderful, fulfilling and harmonic relationship full of passion,
while also building a nest of her own. Would you like all that?
Please tell me your story. You can write to me in a private message on my Facebook page.
Tell me what kind of a relationship you want to have, what matters to you? What is it that
you like to achieve in a future relationship?



Written by Sharon Rubinstein. all rights are preserved to Sharon Rubinstein.Please ask for permission before copying part of the post or all of it. You may, however, share the page in full without asking as long as credits are visible to all readers.

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