Do you pay on first dates or not?

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Do you pay on first dates or not?

Picking up the check on first dates is a kind of courting.
Men used to come on a white horse, singing serenades,
sending women romantic letters etc’.

Today, picking up the check is kind of courting.

But it’s not just that. If we go back in time we will see that the woman
is the “interior minister” while the man was always a kind of the “foreign minister,”
therefore he must take care of the “hunter” outside the cave.

The modern world left women with a new dilemma –

split the bill or not?

Let him pay for dinner or not?
My advice, as part of the dating coaching I provide, is quite simple
– do you like him?
If you do, don’t split the check with him. Let him be your knight.
You can “pay him back” in other ways. Give him warmth,
attention and of course little presents as you do in The Princess Method.

What if u don’t like him?

You already know there isn’t going to be another date? Pay your share of the check.
Or at least offer to pay.
Stop the courting process. Fair is fair.

But, do you offer or not?

A lot of women think it’s their duty to offer.
They feel they should, at least, do “the reach” (for the purse)
A lot of men also think that.

The truth is that if you offer you’re actually testing the man
(that’s why it’s okay for you to offer only when you’re not really interested).
Let’s say that he innocently accepts your offer.
At that moment he “fails” the test. YOUR TEST! So…
If you want him, please don’t test him.

You’ve been going out a few times and you really want to pay?
Go to the waiter and pay.

Don’t test him at the table.


Written by Sharon Rubinstein. all rights are preserved to Sharon Rubinstein.Please ask for permission before copying part of the post or all of it. You may, however, share the page in full without asking as long as credits are visible to all readers.

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