Scheduling a date with you at noon?

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Scheduling a date with you at noon?

He’s charming, he’s funny,
but he always suggests you meet at noon.
“Something light, let’s have lunch together.
I know a great restaurant, I’m sure you’ll like it…”
It does sound nice.

One small problem.

If he always suggests meeting for a lunch date, you, my darling,
are a second flute for him.
And in simple words – there’s another woman in his life.

How can you tell that for sure?

Men want to get intimate with you as quickly as possible.
At least most of them.

Scheduling with you for the evening brings them closer,
at least psychologically,
to the possibility that tonight will end in bed.
However, a date at noon will, most likely,
end in going back to work
or other errands. It’s harder to create intimacy
at the beginning just by “lunch dates”.

It’s unnatural for a man to set a romantic date with a woman for noon.

It will happen only when his options are too limited,
or if he sees you on evening as well, so it’s natural that you will also meet
at noon sometimes.
Another natural option where a man will only schedule with you for noon
is that you’re not interested enough and then you are only willing to clear
your noon hours for him.

But, a man who tries to schedule with you ONLY for lunches
and a man who’s free to date you ONLY on midweek evenings
is probably not “available”. He might be married, in a relationship,
living with his girlfriend or any other similar option except “available.”

Be careful.


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