Third date or cut the cord?

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A third date or a decision?

If you’ve reached the third date you either have
an interest in the guy or you just didn’t have what to do on Thursday night.
Seriously now, If you’ve made it to a third date with the guy there’s probably something there.

I would recommend every woman,
as part of a dating training –
to ask herself before setting the third date three questions:


Do I really have an interest in him?

Do I have a real desire to know the man behind
the sentence “let’s go grab a drink” or are you just looking
to pass another night. A lot of women keep dating the same guy only because
there’s no better option. They don’t really have an interest in him, no common topics,
no chemistry, but as long as she can tell her friends “I have a date today” it’s fine.


Does he respect me?

Pay attention. The signs will be there from the first moment.
‘Does he respect me?’ includes many things, the way he treats you,
the things he offers you to do with him, the style and tone he talks to you,
you might not know how serious he is or what are his intentions
but it is important to see how he communicates his wants and needs
even at this early stage of the relationship.
Yes, it’s possible that at this point of his life he’s not
looking for anything serious. After two dates you should have that information.
If you’re sharp and attentive enough you’ll find the signs
(I wrote about it in my book) without asking questions.
Note – respect does not necessary means he is serious about you.
It is two different things.
But if you get no respect then I beg you – don’t look for his intentions.
They don’t matter and they shouldn’t matter if that’s the case…


Do I find him attractive?

– the third question is highly relevant.
You don’t have to be hysterically attracted to him,
like “I’m dying to rip that shirt off of him”
No! But be honest with yourself and try to picture yourself with him in bed.
If the image seems more like a brother and sister sleeping together
rather than a fantasy (even a gentle one) of candlelight on the
back of the bed and a kiss with a hint of passion… then you don’t
have a reason to get to that third date.


Written by Sharon Rubinstein. all rights are preserved to Sharon Rubinstein.Please ask for permission before copying part of the post or all of it. You may, however, share the page in full without asking as long as credits are visible to all readers.

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