why doesn’t he compliment you and why is it a bigger issue than you think it is…

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So you have been dating for a few weeks or months,

it is going well, you feel you are creating a good bond.

but there is one thing that bothers you,

he doesn’t compliment you enough.

At the beginning he did say how good you look,

commented about the nice dress you wore etc’,

but even then, it wasn’t much.

Your best friends don’t think it is a big deal, one of them said:

“some men are just not too flirtatious , that’s just who they are.

Your other best friend said that you should let it go –

“This is a sign for insecurity, you don’t need him to asurre you

of your looks…” 

You listen to them, but you know it is not about that.

You know you look great, you know it is more than that,

it is about something else.

But what is that something else? 

I will tell you,

That “something else” feels important to you

and for a very good reason. 

That “something else” is like a headache.

But like you know, a headache is just a syndrome.

Maybe you didn’t drink enough water,

maybe you are under a lot of stress.

There are many other possible reasons for getting a headache.

So yes, this is a sign for something else which is wrong.

you see,  both of us know that getting compliments from him

isn’t what you are really missing in your life.

So what is it?

I’ll explain, and then you will see why it bothers you so much.

and it should.

A complement for a woman is, as far as a man knows,

is first and foremost an act of courting.

When a man compliments a woman

he knows he is courting her.

By doing so he wants to make her feel good,

feel smart, feel beautiful, feel wanted,

feel attractive and more…

He is not doing it for nothing.


It is true that men tend to compliment women

more at the beginning of a relationship,

this is happening for a very good reason –

The man knows and feels he still doesn’t have the woman.

She isn’t “his” yet.

And so, when the relationship progress, and he feels assured of it,

courting descends in correlation to his security in the relationship.

Sad, i know.

Most man don’t have the discipline

to continue courting once they start

feeling “safe” in the relationship.

Most men are also not aware

of the importance of courting for women,

but a bigger problem here is that when a man

stops courting you in such an early stage

of the relationship (a few weeks into the relationship )

it basically means that he takes you for granted.

He doesn’t see a real reason to keep courting.

It feels redundant for him.

But there is another point to it,

Men tend to flutter a woman not only when

in the courting phase,

but also when they feel stressed…

what kind of stress?

Stress that they might loos you.

When they feel this way they start buying you gifts,

Complimenting you…they try to

make sure you will be happy with them.

But what makes him fear of loosing you?

What makes a man so interested in you

that he actually bites on every hint you

throw out in the air (things he can do for you

that makes him think will make you happier with him by doing them..?)

What can make a man fall for  you?

 happy young loving couple having lunch at barbecue party outdoor in the gardenWhat to know more about what kind of a woman men are looking for?

What in her behavior makes her so attractive to men?

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on December 20, 2016

Thanks for this article! I started to realize that the guy I’ve been seeing never compliments me. He asks me to send him pictures but he never says anything back but thanks. And sometimes I dress up really nicely and other men compliment me when we go out but he never does. At the most he’ll says, “You look different today” or “It looks like you got your hair done today” but it’s never an actual compliment. We met online and he told me that I looked better in person…that’s been the closest I’ve gotten to a real compliment. But here’s the thing, I KNOW I’m very attractive. I get compliments CONSTANTLY! And I compliment him all the time. I tell him he’s sexy or cute. He asks me if I like his outfit and I tell him that he looks great. I don’t like not feeling like I’m good enough for someone so I’m thinking about ending things with him because of this. I want to feel beautiful and he just doesn’t make me feel that way at all. He makes me feel like I’m not attractive. I even get hit on when I’m with him so it’s baffles me. My thing is, why deal with a woman you’re not attracted to? If you don’t like what you see, then why have anything to do with me? Why did you even hit on me in the first place?

on May 18, 2017

wow, awesome!

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