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Sharon (aka “Sharoney”) is the six times
best seller author of both books
“what she wants” and –
“Why (he loves) Her and Not You?”

She has been mentoring men and women
in creating passion for more than
a decade now.


“life without passion is just like being dead above ground”
she says.

Hundreds of man and women who attended her seminars have found love and passion.
Sharoney gets about 120-150 wedding invites a month.
She doesn’t attend but you will get a present from her.
Actually,  you might  have family guest that will give you less…


The Princess Method is about discovering your true feminine side,
your real self-esteem that is very appealing to men.


 The Amazon women which Sharoney talks about are smart,
strong and successful in many domains of their lives.
they have it all, but love.


Simply because they don’t have the knowledge of  being the women that
men desire and fanaticize about.


It is not how you look,
how many college degrees you have or houses that
You own. It is all nice.
But men need something else from you.


Keep on reading.
Here, you are about to get some real answers to your questions.