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The New Bible For Women –

“Why Her and Not You?”

Why do women that are half of your value
get married to great guys?

What do they know that you are easily missing?

It is easy to learn.

There’s a lot to learn about relationships…
you can start today and finish in 30 years time,
but there are only several basic principles that are truly
important to learn when dealing with men.

Once you learn them, it all becomes much easier.


Yes, let me repeat that –

Once you learn to use those principles everything will look different
The moment you’ll get used to using these principles your communication
with men would become easier and much more effective.


What are those principles? 

These principles are not new.
I did not invent them.
I just collected them.
Thousands of men who participated in my seminars
(seminars for men only, in which I teach them communication with women)
helped me see the man’s true perception about dating women
and what really gets them excited about a woman
and what makes them totally indifference about another.


It’s not easy to become aware of these principles because
they are not”written laws”, there is no proof for the existence
of these principles but when they are put to use,
success comes easily…frighteningly enough.
Six month to your first marriage proposal…

Are you interested?


Maybe you also become a part of our happy statistics.
Six months, this is the average time for our seminars’ graduates
to get their first serious marriage proposal.


So what do you need to do to make that happen?

Follow the instructions, use all recommendations, read all materials,
get involved as much as possible and particularly –
give “The Princess Method” a chance.
A real chance. It works. It will work for you too.

I am not your average coach,  I am not going to tell you to
work n yourself and it will come to you,
or like some of your friends who tell you –
” it will happen for you one day, just be patient…”

I am also not going to talk to you about “drawing him into your life”,
YES, it is important but I want you to take things into your own hands.
Just like everything else you know and have handled well in your life.


Don’t you want to fall in love?

Isn’t it true that they told you “don’t worry it will happen to you too…”?
Isn’t it true that they told you “sooner or later you’ll find your true love”?
Isn’t it true that you already know that something is just not working?

You have lots of friends, you have the job you want, you appear better
than average, you’re smart and the whole world want to consult with you.
But, when it relates to men in your life something just doesn’t add up.

And No. You don’t need to wait!!!

Like you DID and got anything in your life BY YOURSELF,
this is going to be the same.

You see, Love IS an abstract noun but in reality it is only what
you (you and him) make of it.

Love is everywhere.
And you know as well as I do –
You have all the love in the world in you,

Just waiting for him to show up.

So he is out there but vanishes as fast as he appears?

When finally you meet someone that you like,

he disappears after three dates on average,
maybe even after the first night. Has that ever happen to you?

God! You’ve read all possible books,

you are digging through the relationship columns,
and there is no self-awareness workshop that you haven’t been attending…
yet, it’s not moving.

What is the key?

Which principal are you missing?

 Actually, it is easier than you think.

You Are a Woman. You know that. He is a man.
Get this,

He will never be as sure about it (about being a man),
as you will be (about your femininity and being a woman)
in your worse days.


What does that mean?

It means that in order to make a man fall in love with you
and crave for your undivided attention for a life time…
you will need to understand what he really needs
from you as a woman.

And this is exactly what most great-successful-smart-beautiful-women
are normally missing.

Why is it important for you to read the book?

Most women believe that one day they would just

find this amazing man and all their sorrows,
frustrations they had in their previous failed relationships,
at a certain time of loneliness, will just go away.

Most women believe that if they will get to meet the right man,
she will be able to teach him, to communicate with him, to explain
to him about all her needs, she will convey to him all the rights
messages and she will create the perfect relationship and the
perfect bonding with him. Yes…

This is the dream she has.

Women tend also to draw themselves
an idealistic picture of the perfect relationship.

A relationship where she feels completely safe,
having a deep communication with him, women visualize,
imagining how their partner would understand them,
worry about them, always want to be there beside them,
thinking how to make them as happy as possible, going through deep
conversation with them, chatting into the night,
will always be emotionally available for them,
would never detach from them,
would never get angry and even if he does,
he will call and he will resolve any conflicts in a very mature way.

Women visualize that their men will know how to calm them down when
they’re angry and will know how to give them love and tell
her the right words so she will fill safe and relax again.


He will try daily, to ease her stress in every situation,
he will make sure he pampers her and shows her love,

he will remember the special dates and1601656_10151884796067308_1133300250_o birthdays,
he would learn what kind of surprises his woman will love,

Wait! Does relationship like that exist at all?

If so, why can’t you get to them?


You do deserve True love, you do deserve the ability

to know how to pick the right man and save terrible heartaches

and wasting of your time!

You can learn to choose him better!

You can learn to communicate better!

You can learn how to succeed in your relationship.

OK, so what is the method?

The method is to be the real princess in you.

Any woman can go back to the real princess
in her heart, you too.

I will teach you how to do it.

With this kind of woman man fall in love,
to this woman man propose marriage.

This woman can make the right choice in men.

She has a deep understanding of how to communicate with
them and how to create a deep bonding loving and committing relationship.

I’m sure you will like to know what is the most important thing you should pick up

in a man on the first date with him, so you won’t be surprised three months later.

I’m also sure that you would like to know how it would
be right to find out if he is involved in a relationship with
another woman without sounding insecure.

I am sure you would like to know how to create a situation when he
ends a date with you and you are no 100% he would like to see you again.

Not less important is to learn how to communicate with him so he
would get to know the best views of the most beautiful sides of you
and fall in love with them easily and fast.

Who is this book for?

If you’re divorced, single, widower or remarried.

If you want to find the right man for you.

If you want to make your man fall in love with you again.

This book is for you if you’re young or older,

If you want to settle down,

This book is for you if you have tried a few theories and it was unsuccessful.
This book will lead you back to your feminine sources where success
in your relationship is just a matter of time.

Is being nice to men is totally wrong???

Do you remember the man that you didn’t really want?

Maybe you even had a few of those. You pushed him aside,
you ignored him, you waved him, but he insisted, he asked,
he persuaded you and you were a little bit mean to him, you didn’t mean to.
But it just came off that way and he fell in love with you.

So maybe, that is the “right way” you told yourself, because when
I’m kind to them, they don’t want me.
They tell me that it’s not you it’s me… and also the man might say:
“I’m not in a really good time of  my life…” or maybe he just mumbled
something like” I’m just not really in focus right now, I’m very troubled,
I need my space…”, and then you get those men who just disappeared.

So maybe, just maybe,

Something you do doesn’t hit the goal?
The Princess Method will teach you a few basic things:

You will learn how to choose the right man.

You will learn to distinguish what you want from what you really need
in a relationship with a man,
You will learn how to know if you are his type (on the physical-outer look)
without asking him directly,
You will learn the method of how to speed filter the wrong men,
You will learn how to create opportunities with men that you like
without hitting on them,
You will learn how to conduct yourself in a right way in dating websites,
You will discover to what kind of women, men are deeply attracted to and
what are the personality traits men are desperately seeking for in a woman.

Are you an Amazon or princess?

You will learn how to operate true feminine real power in communication
with men,
You will learn how to prevent him from setting a date with you without actually wanting it badly (because some men do that!).

You will learn how to set a date in a very specific way so that the man
will feel he is not about to meet any woman BUT – THE WOMAN!

You will learn which behaviors make a man want to do for you more and more,

You will learn word by word what to answer when he asks you
tricky questions like: “so, what are you looking for?”

We will address question like

– Where to find the right man for you?

– Whether or not, you should pay on a date?

– Should you do “50-50” with him?

– When should you go to bed? Where? and other important rules
that will give you all the answers you need about men,

– You will learn what is the “Roman test” and why you should never
ever skip this test.

– You will learn how to behave on regular everyday life that is so
appealing for men…

– You will learn how to behave with his family (and pass the tests)

– You will learn how to fight with him wisely (because you also need
to know how to fight)

– When should you move in together and why does it have to be
followed by certain activities of his?

In the book I will also answer, questions like –

  • What makes a man decide to marry you?

  • What prevents him from proposing?

  • What happens if he doesn’t suggest? What are you doing?

  • How do you advance the subject without harassing him?

  • What makes a man be with you for long periods without
    even thinking about you and the direction of marriage?


Are there any good men at all??

Maybe it sounds to you that all the right man are already caught,
and what’s left are guys you don’t want to date, is that possible?

And why, when you finally meet a man that seems normal, you find
out after a month or two that he’s not even sure what he wants,
and when you hint about certain kind of progress he even drifts away
even more…


Sometimes it seems to you that all men have this “fear of a whale”
but then you get this phone call from one of your girlfriends and she
says “I’m getting married“ She shouts out load, you want to be happy
for her but something in your stomach crunches, why her?, Why not me?!
So maybe “serious guys” do exist.



In the book I will tell you about the stages of dating, about some serious
testing that you will make him go through. Don’t panic!
The target is not to torture him…or making him go on a long journey,
the target is to make sure that you are his type, that you are someone
he’s going out with because he’s drawn to you, not only on a physical level
but also on the emotional level.


There are many good looking women, maybe you are one of them,
and maybe very well groomed men start with you all the time,
if not on the street then on dating sites.
They are charmed by your amazing character, you fascinate them on first
dates, they call you and they court you, but soon enough.
Usually just after the first time you have sex they fade away.
What happened? Was he another “not the serious type”? you ask yourself…


But then the most annoying thing happened,

six months later you meet him in the supermarket and
he tells you he’s engaged. It’s not that you don’t
want to be happy for him or for anyone else, but you just want to know
what’s wrong with you.

What’s missing in you? It was obvious he was very drawn to you,
he told you that, you had a really great time together during those
few dates, amazing conversations, but something was missing for him,
what happened? What was missing for him? I will teach you about
“that something”.
That “something” is his emotional attraction to you.

So what are you waiting for?

You’re not getting any younger.

You did try different forms of behavior with men and you have seen
that the results were not very satisfactory.

You do know what kind of man you want. But the question is, when
you meet this kind of a man, will you have the knowledge or the tools
to draw him to you?
To enable him to fall in love with you?
Do you know how to be the one that he will want to be committed
to for the rest of his life?

Don’t wait another day. Order the book today, start reading it,
put things into action.

Your success will surely be attained, what are you waiting for?
You don’t want to meet the man of your dreams and make all the
possible mistakes with him, right?


Start with the book

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